Celebrate declines in teen pregnancy


Moderated by Rick Badie

Let’s celebrate good news: Fewer Georgia teens are getting pregnant. Our state’s teen pregnancy rate, along with the nation’s, has dropped significantly. One of today’s guest writers applauds the success while noting the cost of teen pregnancies to the state. A companion essay explains what’s being done to reach more Hispanics, a group whose teen birthrate has declined, but at a slower pace than other ethnic groups. Finally, read about I Am Beautiful, nonprofit devoted to the nurture of young girls and teens.

Celebrate Peach State progress

By Sarah Brown

One of the great national success stories of the past two decades has been the historic declines in teen pregnancy and childbearing. Nationally, the rates have plummeted by more than 50 percent.
Georgia’s progress has been especially impressive. Since its peak in 1991, the teen birthrate in the Peach State has dropped 56 percent. That’s impressive…

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