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Medical marijuana’s first big step

3:41 pm Feb. 26, 2015

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

In today’s column, State Rep. Allen Peake, the House sponsor of Georgia’s medical marijuana bill, pushes for its passage in the Senate and says he feels Gov. Nathan Deal will sign the bill into law. On Wednesday, the chamber voted 158-2 to decriminalize the possession of cannabis oil with no more than 5 percent of the chemical that produces the highs associated with pot. Today, Peake

Toward a bright future in Cobb, South Metro

9:47 am Feb. 26, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

What’s good for Cobb County? Well, for starters, the Atlanta Braves move , according to the newly formed “Good for Cobb.” Its co-founders say the group was formed to identify and publicly express support for initiatives deemed good for the county. Elsewhere, a former Fulton County commissioner writes about “smart growth” for the South Metro area, while the other guest writer advocates for a Bosnian-American Day in

Opinion: End chronic homelessness

7:41 am Feb. 25, 2015

Moderated by RICK BADIE

Today we highlight a nonprofit whose founder says it’s a moral and fiscal imperative to end chronic homelessness on the streets of downtown Atlanta. Read his perspective and the mission of his organization, Georgia Works! A companion essay stresses the need for additional state money to help adults with developmental disabilities get into the workplace.

 Georgia Works!

By BILL MCGAHAN, founder and chairman of Georgia Works!

Atlanta Streetcar: Early impressions

3:28 pm Feb. 23, 2015

How should the new Atlanta Streetcar system be measured after two months? And should it be measured at all at this early stage of the game? Those questions are addressed in our latest pro/con. The city’s streetcar chief is firing back at news reports that ridership numbers are falling short of projections, questioning the methodology used by reporters. In our second column, a transportation analyst suggests money for the streetcar

Mississippi hurting

2:00 pm Feb. 20, 2015

Lynching, murder and the judge

By Jason Morgan Ward

Two important events in the unfinished history of southern racial violence occurred earlier this month. On Feb. 10, the Alabama-based Equal Justice Initiative released “Lynching in America,” an unflinching report that documents 3,959 black victims of mob violence in 12 southern states between 1877 and 1950. The same day, a U.S. District Court judge handed down sentences in the federal government’s first prosecution

Changes ahead for DFCS

11:37 am Feb. 19, 2015

Moderated by Tom Sabulis

Bobby Cagle, Georgia’s new director of the Division of Family and Children Services, seems well-suited to the job. As a child of 10 months, he was adopted from the welfare system of North Carolina by “a loving family.” Today, Cagle outlines the changes he hopes will turn around the beleaguered DFCS. In our second column, also on the topic of children’s welfare, the commissioner of the state

The rebirth of town centers

8:44 am Feb. 19, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

It’s hard to keep current with the number of suburban communities with plans to spruce up city halls or town centers. Today, I highlight Lilburn and its plans for a city hall-library complex. A companion column touts the regional push toward sustainable living and notes communities that embrace the concept. In a third column, a consultant challenges everyday citizens to connect with their communities via small-scale projects.


Colombia open for business; Atlantans confront world cyberthreats

8:01 am Feb. 18, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

Colombia has often been associated with violence, crime and drug cartels. Today, though, the country sits poised to expand its global reach to Georgia and beyond thanks to social, political and economic reforms, says its ambassador to the United States. In another essay, Metro Atlanta Chamber executives write about the region’s role thwarting cybersecurity threats and local participation in an upcoming conference on the topic in Israel.


Makeover for MARTA bus

3:20 pm Feb. 16, 2015

Take Our PollModerated by Tom Sabulis

In today’s column, I talked with MARTA executives and discuss the virtues and faults of MARTA’s bus system, a service the agency is now analyzing and looking to revamp. With ridership creeping up, it’s a good time to capitalize on the coverage the bus system provides. Part of the solution lies in smaller vehicles, more consistent rides and better frequencies. In our second

Sunday Issue: Where does Atlanta stand?

2:26 pm Feb. 14, 2015

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The Editorial Board’s Opinion
The philosopher Socrates famously pronounced the unexamined life as not worth living. This saying has endured because many through the ages have intuitively gotten his profound point.
Contemplative questions arising around the unexamined life can be applied to the great agglomeration that is metro Atlanta. For cities and other geographic clusters are living organisms in their own way.
And some are far healthier than others.