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China’s New Normal

10:21 am May. 28, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

China, with its dynamic energy, boasts the world’s fastest-growing economy as well as its second-largest. A guest essay suggests the country stands ready to conduct business with our region, a potential benefit for job creators and investors in Georgia. A companion write-up shines light on the country’s smoking habits and efforts to combat its people’s deadly smoking addictions.

China’s new normal could be a boon for Georgia businesses


Georgia’s hurricane season

10:06 am May. 28, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

For years, Georgia’s been blessed with quiet hurricane seasons, but a state emergency management executive suggests we not take that for granted. Despite forecasts of a silent 2015 season, he advises all Georgians to prepare. In the other column, a Taiwan diplomat writes about the efficacy of the sovereign state’s health-care system.

Prepare for hurricane season

By Jim Butterworth

In a deadly storm 117 years ago, Cumberland Island was struck


3:44 pm May. 20, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

Today, the executive director of Lost-n-Found Youth — a nonprofit that serves homeless lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered young people — talks about the group’s work and efforts to convert a Midtown building in to a homeless shelter. The other column notes the changing culture of Buckhead due to a rise in apartment dwellings proposed and under construction.

Nonprofit serves homeless gay youth

By Rick Badie

When Dustin Lance Black

Transaction Alley

9:02 pm May. 19, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

Georgia’s financial transaction industry dominates that particular field so handily some in the business call it “Transaction Alley.” Today an advocate says future industry growth could stall unless the state produces a skilled, trained workforce for job vacancies. Elsewhere, writers opine on the “sharing economy” and the 40th anniversary of an advocacy agency for minority-owned supplier businesses.

Building Georgia’s tech workforce

By H. West Richards

H. West Richards

Wanted: Kidney organ donors

3:33 pm May. 13, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

When it comes to transplants, kidneys are the most sought-after organs. My friend, a three-time kidney recipient, needs one now that his body has begun rejecting the one his younger brother gave him 15 years ago. Here’s his story, one shared by many Georgians in need of donors. Companion essays continue the health theme — one on a health disparity based on zip codes in our city,

Atlanta’s tech start-up scene

6:37 pm May. 12, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

A tech entrepreneur with nearly three decades as an innovator explains why he chooses Atlanta over Silicon Valley and other notable start-up hubs to nurture his career. The other essay explains the importance of social media marketing for growing businesses. Elsewhere, we continue the discussion of the Fair Tax, which today’s writer says fails to add up numbers-wise.

A seasoned secret for tech startups

By Chris Poelma

With no shortage

Kill Georgia’s death penalty?

3:07 pm May. 7, 2015

Capital punishment in Georgia has become too costly and inefficient and runs counter to conservative principles, writes an attorney and Republican Party leader. It is no longer worth the price, and the state should move to life sentences without parole as its toughest criminal penalty. But another expert argues we’d all be safer if the justice system applied the death sentence only to the worst of the worst —

Atlanta: Rise up for peace

4:28 pm May. 6, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

Last week, the AJC hosted a live chat in which we posed a question to readers that my colleague, Jay Bookman, had asked in a column: “Could what happened in Baltimore take place in Atlanta?” Today, an Atlantan who took part in that dialogue takes the issue a step further and challenges our community to host a conversation on racial matters in regard to contemporary inequities and

National debt and the FairTax

9:47 pm May. 5, 2015

Moderated by Rick Badie

Republicans and Democrats must rein in a growing national debt, writes Georgia’s junior senator. It’s an issue that’s reached a “tipping point” in need of fixes, he says, proposing the FairTax as an option that he writes would allow the economy to create jobs and thrive. Two companion essays deal with federal fiscal spending in 2016 and tax provisions on timber, a vital economic sector for the